The new PDCA - Plan Do Check Act - model driven by Retail Analytics KPIs

The VMLab approach is a perpetual virtuous cycle, always ensuring maximum sales benefits and ROI on all Visual Merchandising & Store Experience initiatives.
The New Approach to Retail Experience - Ispira Ltd

1.  Install RetailNext technology in your selected VMLab stores
2.  Analyse customer mapping & POS data – “What is happening?
3.  Ispira VM benchmarking analysis/RetailNext Indices   – “Why this is happening?
4.  Implement Ispira “quick-win” Visual Merchandising & Store experience recommendations
5.  Measure KPI in VMLab store – “Does this work?
6.  Revise, Fine tune & Roll-out!

The creation of a “VMLab” store, combining RetailNext technologies, Ispira expert analysis and benchmarking represents a unique, irresistible, low cost and high return route to higher sales productivity and store efficiencies.

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