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Empowered Store Brand Delivery

Discover how customer service combined to omnichannel model can deliver a superior customer experience

 Empowered Store Brand Delivery - Ispira Ltd
















The development of an empowered Store Brand Delivery is key to fight the reduction of traffic footfall in most markets
Retailers must develop a customer service handwriting to deliver unique tone of voice and immersive experience
The Store Brand Delivery aims at serving customer personas – identified by profile, interests, shopping habits, expectation; and individual customers—approached after retrieving shopping records, taste, lifestyle
The model Ispira develops with its clients is composed of 5 key pillars
1. Customer profiling & empathy
identification of customer types to deliver the appropriate empathetic service strategy. Understand, observe, interact effectively
2. Product knowledge
knowledge of product details, styling, manufacturing, quality details to deliver authority, build trust, add value to assortment
3. Product dynamics
constant awareness and competence on latest omnichannel product initiatives to stimulate customer interest & frequency of purchase
4. Brand communication
constant awareness and competence on latest brand omnichannel communication initiatives to keep customer engagement high
5. Local area dynamics
constant awareness on local initiatives, events, relevant news to make the store part of local community

Read more about our model and approach in our White Paper