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VMLab execution

                                          4 stages to a more profitable retail experience

1. Data capture & measurement - “what is happening in our stores?”
. RetailNext In-Store Analytics installed
. Data review & heat mapping
. Store visit and VM critique
. Selected video snatches as visual evidence

2. Store analysis & benchmarking “why is it happening?”
. Ispira best practice benchmarking
. RetailNext metric comparisons
. Improvement opportunities
. Benefit case

3. Retail experience recommendations “how can we do it better?”
. Selection of the function, category or promotion for specific analysis
. Detailed guide lines on improvement opportunities
. Suggested action plan & quick-wins

4. Implementation & measurement - “do changes work? what’s next?
. Implementation in VMLab store
. RetailNext measurement
. KPI analysis
. Review of range, prices, SKUs, investments
. Refine, Reject and/or Roll-out
results in just 2 weeks