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What is VMLab

 In-store Analytics - The closest thing to guaranteed store investment

improve store experience and maximize commercial results through in-store analytics

2-week deliveryVMLab is the most certain way to ensure that all investments in the retail experience achieve their maximum return and generate real increases in sales performance.

is delivered in real client stores which use revolutionary RetailNext technology – distributed by Ispira - to capture customer behavior patterns, combine the mapping data with POS sales data and give a definitive answer to the perennial question
Does this store initiative work?”

VMLab con be implemented on the whole store network to
> benchmark internal performances
> implement Ispira visual merchandising recommendations
> optimize store staff
> measure the impact of KPIs on sales and margin
> assess the effect of traffic conversions on ATVs, items per transaction, average item price, average item margin


the breakthrough approach and technology to maximize store investment return and generate sales increases!
Call us for a free demonstration. Get a quote for your first VMLab store, and see sales benefits in 2 weeks!