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Visual merchandising and communication

Visual Merchandising and Store Communication are powerful and effective tools to enhance brand identity, to deliver great retail experience and to achieve financial targets. Store marketing tools support the company story telling and create bespoke paths to product in both physical and digital channels

Approach to Visual Merchandising - Ispira Ltd

We provide a range of Best Practice methodologies that are fine-tuned according to

> brand position
> product dynamics
> target audience

and aim at improving sales productivity, final margin and space utilization

Our projects increase customer traffic, conversion rates, units per ticket, average unit price. We have a very straightforward pragmatic approach
Our colleague Tim Radley, Director of Retail Experience at Ispira, is expert at developing Best Practice Retail Experience Solutions through innovative, easy to implement projects

Ispira's approach in 5 steps:

> Review current VM & Visual Communication standards to identify top priority improvements
> Create new and improved in-store Visual Merchandising and Visual Communication strategies together with client team
> Test new space allocation, product positioning and store layouts to maximise you sales/m2 productivity levels
> Formalize results into improved VM and VC operational manual with the new standards and methodologies that can be rolled out across the organization
> Roll Out and Train Visual Merchandisers, store managers, store staff to implement new Best Practice VM and VC guidelines

Our Approach to Retail Experience and Visual Merchandising - Ispira Ltd

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